Friday, November 14, 2008

What I Wish Every Senior Pastor Knew About Youth Ministry

I wanted to contribute something today to help out my good friend Tim Schmoyer whom I have never met but I know a lot about because of his great blog here

The post to his blog specific to those topics is here:

Since I have been both a Senior Pastor and a Youth Minister in my ministry career, I feel I may have some insight on this subject. I know a lot of Senior Pastors and most of them know the things soon to be listed here but, unfortunately, I have served with some that do not. Here is my Top Ten in no particular order...

1. I love kids and feel God called me to youth ministry. Youth ministry is not necessarily a stepping stone to be the Senior Pastor.

2. Youth ministry is not all about fun otherwise it would be called Youth Fun Club or something similar. It is as much a ministry as any other ministry in the church. Kids need Jesus too.

3. As the youth ministry goes, so will the future of this church. The youth ministered to today will be the adults you pastor tomorrow.

4. Youth ministry today is so much more challenging than it has ever been and therefore it is that much more needed. Kids today are seeking...if they don't find what they need here, they will look elsewhere.

5. Youth ministry is not a drain on the church budget but an investment in the future of our church.

6. You are Senior Pastor and I respect your authority but I would like to see us work more as a team. From time to time, I need you to pastor me too.

7. I will make mistakes from time to time. I am human. Please forgive me, provide me direction and be involved with the youth ministry whenever possible.

8. I may have a family and kids and responsibilities that sometimes have to take precedence over church stuff. A youth retreat is not my idea of a family vacation.

9. Just because I am not in the office does not mean I am not involved in ministry.

10. Yes you can be in your 30s, (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s) and still minister effectively to youth.

This is my top ten. Perhaps you have some others...we can make a running list and send them to Senior Pastors everywhere...we could even write a book but who has the time to read it?

When I was Senior Pastor I was never far from youth ministry and would reflect on these often. Check back on Monday...I will post my "What I Wish Every Youth Minister Knew About Being the Senior Pastor" post (Tim didn't ask for that one but I think it is needed too)

God bless you today,


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